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  • Crystal Polishing Cloth - Set of 2

    These professional grade official Liiton cleaning cloths will polish your crystal wear without scratching or leaving behind lint. Doesn't leave any scratch marks  Made form lint-free...

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  • Whiskey Leather Coasters - Set of 4

    Keep your bar and coffee table free from tumbler condensation with Liiton coasters made from premium materials. Full grain leather and full leather stitch Raised leather...

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  • Whiskey Serving Tray

    The Liiton serving tray will dazzle your friends with all the class of a 5-star lounge. Easily displays 1 decanter and 8 glasses, 15 inches /...

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Whiskey Accessories

Upgrade your whiskey experience with the right accessories like flavor-enhancing glasses and elegant decanters. Perfect for both seasoned aficionados and those new to whiskey, these accessories enrich your tasting and presentation of this classic spirit.

What are whiskey accessories for?

Whiskey accessories enhance aroma, taste, presentation, and preservation. For example, whiskey glasses are designed to focus the aromas, while decanters aerate the whiskey and add elegance. Whiskey stones chill your drink without watering it down, and pourers and stoppers help maintain its quality and freshness.

What are the best whiskey accessories for gifting?

Decanter sets are a classic choice that allow for an elegant presentation and aeration of whiskey, enhancing its flavors. Mountain glasses, with their unique design, intensify the aroma and taste, making the whiskey experience more enjoyable. Crystal glasses are not only aesthetically pleasing but also crafted to highlight the complex notes of whiskey, making them a prized possession for enthusiasts. Each of these accessories adds a touch of sophistication and functionality, making them thoughtful and appreciated gifts for any whiskey lover.


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