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Peng, a dynamic entrepreneur and founder of DKK, VIVA, and Liiton, has built customer-centric companies with three successful crowdfunding campaigns, skillfully developing unique products for style-conscious consumers while mastering product-market fit, and currently resides in Toronto with his family, continually pushing entrepreneurial boundaries.Peng was born in Harbin, China and grew up in Denmark, where he started a Bachelor of Business Science from the Business School of Aarhus. After founding an IT company in Denmark, Peng returned to China in 2006 to start DKK, a company specializing in glassware for top brands.

In 2010, Peng launched VIVA with the goal of inspiring the world to relax and feel better through the perfect tea experience.After the first highly successful product launch, Peng founded Liiton, a men's lifestyle brand crafting stylish, quality, and unique products for those with sophisticated taste.Today, Peng resides in the Beaches neighborhood of Toronto with his wife Jaimi and their three children. He continues to push the boundaries of product development and entrepreneurship, always seeking out new opportunities to create value for his customers.